International students

Life in Yaoundé

JIMIT is found in the very busy academic headquarters of Ngoa Ekelle, Yaoundé. Being at the heart of academics in Yaoundé, it is surrounded by adequate educational facilities to permit a successful academic voyage for students at the institution.

It is situated few metres from the main student residential neighbourhood of Cameroon’s political capital with rooms and houses at affordable prices and in all dimensions. Moreover, there are groceries and restaurants to serve the student population as well as a forest of documentation centres and bookshops offering their services to students. Other major markets like Acacia, Mokolo are just a around the corner.


It was Yaoundé’s hospitable climate which informed the decision of the colonialists to make it Cameroon’s political capital. Despite the variations of the times, Yaoundé has maintained a legendary friendly climate which is not too hot and not too cold, conducive for people from every part of the world. Like most tropical towns, it has a long period of rainfall which last for about seven months and the dry season follows covers the rest of the months.


Since it is internationally acceptable for travellers to secure a visa before embarking for another territory, international students are hereby advised to seek the Cameroonian embassy in their home country for more information. However, there are a host of VISA-free countries and students are advised to check their home Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the websites of the Cameroon Ministry of External Relations and the various Cameroonian diplomatic services. However, JIMIT is at the disposal of the students to furnish them with any documental evidence leading to the granting of a VISA.


International students are advised to have a strong written and oral command of at least English or French. However, a mastery of both languages would be an added advantage. At JIMIT lectures are done in both French and English to satisfy a majority of the students and each student is free to express his/herself in either English or French.

JIMIT Reception

JIMIT has put in place a reception unit for prospective international students who have never been to the country and have no viable contacts in Cameroon. JIMIT shall receive the student at the Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport which is 45 minutes’ drive from the school. At the expense of the student, the school shall also make accommodation for lodging. For more on this check the Finance list.