Pre-university course (Capacité)


Pre-university courses or what has become popularly known as capacité (French) is a system that basically prepares students for university/higher education. It is opened to holders of the GCE Ordinary Levels or its equivalent and courses offered are foundational to what transpires in the university. As for now capacité in Cameroon is mostly done in the domain of social sciences including law, politics, administration, business and economics.

They may be no preferential employment opportunities for those who go through the programme as they are not necessarily trained for public consumption but most importantly to prepare them for university. However, the training also permits graduates to work in any domain of business, public/private administration, law firms and financial houses and banks.

Certificates delivered are under the authority of the state owned University of Yaoundé II, Soa and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education which is the regulatory authority.

Legal and Economic Culture

Public Contracts and Public Command System

Business Law and Management

Accounting Assistance

Public Administration


Banking and Microfinance

Legal Practice

For more information, contact JIMIT Campus, Obili, Yaoundé.

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