Public and Private Universities

Government Policy

The government of the Republic of Cameroon operates a strict higher education policy which ensures that all students in both private and public universities are strictly tutored and followed. This is to ensure that a harmonized programme designed by the government to meet the current needs of the society is religiously followed by both public and private higher institutions of learning.

Therefore, a private institution of learning only gains credibility when it is mentored by a public university in Cameroon. In so doing, the public university vetoed its programmes and awards the certificates so that they are accepted anywhere in the world.

In pursuance to this government policy, the Joss Institute of Management and Information Technology (JIMIT) has signed two memorable partnerships with two of the country’s leading public universities; The University of Yaoundé II at Soa and the University of Bamenda at Bambili.

JIMIT signs Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Yaoundé II, Soa for mentoring

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 was a particular day in the life of the JIMIT University Institute, Yaoundé as it signed another fruitful Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with one of Cameroon’s biggest state universities, the University of Yaoundé II (UYII), based in Soa in the presence of the representative of the Minister of State in charge of Higher Education and Grand Chancellor of Academic Orders.

Chairing the ceremony at the auditorium of the Soa campus was the Rector of the UYII, Professor of Adolphe Minkoa She who signed on behalf of his institution and Mme Mary Jose Nabola for JIMIT.

Both JIMIT and UYII have promised to respect and implement the terms of the MoU which would address different angles of the academic mentoring. With its two schools and two gigantic faculties and a host of research institutes, UYII has become another academic plus for JIMIT.

According to the MoU, JIMIT would be closely knitted with the university’s biggest faculty, the Faculty of Laws and Political Science as well as one of Africa’s oldest Journalism and communication institutes, the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC. The signing comes after a visit to JIMIT by an inspection team from UYII which gave JIMIT a satisfactory mark and judged it fit for academic mentoring by a state owned university.

Essentially, UYII through the faculty and school shall mentor JIMIT in the training of students in related fields. It shall supervise and validate examinations including questions and results of students. UYII shall also supervise end of course examinations and defense sessions of graduating students. Other angles to be addressed by the MoU include research and teaching, seminars, forums and workshops and other related aspects. Moreover, as from 2019/2020 academic year, UYII would also issue degrees and certificates for students graduating from JIMIT University Institute.

According to the overjoyed and dynamic founder of JIMIT, Mme Mary Jose Nabola her institution would uphold the high standards which is behind the MoU with the state owned institution. She also indicated that the MoU would usher in greater tidings for her institution.

Essentially, the MoU is a big win for not just JIMIT management but most importantly for its student population which would greatly benefit from a partnership of such a magnitude.

The University of Yaoundé II, Soa (UYII)

It was created following the university reforms of 1993 and located in the small town of Soa, some 45 minutes’ drive from mainland Yaoundé. It is a bilingual university and one of the biggest in the country.

It has two faculties: the Faculty of Laws and Political Sciences and the Faculty of Economics and Management. UYII also has two schools; the International Relations Institute of Cameroon which has trained a good number of Cameroonian and African diplomats in the past fifty years, and one of Africa’s oldest Journalism institutes, the Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC). Apart from this, there are a host of research institutes under the canopy of UYII which have been very instrumental in research, teaching and development in Cameroon in particular and Africa in general. The MoU opens the door to JIMIT for a win-win partnership.

JIMIT signs Memorandum of Understanding with University of Bamenda for Academic Mentoring

In pursuance of its culture of transforming lives through excellent and professional education, the JIMIT University Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Bamenda (UBa) on Friday, June 14, 2019.

The ceremony took place at the campus of UBa and was chaired by the Vice Chancellor (VC) of the host university, Professor Theresia Nkuo Akenji in the company of representatives of JIMIT and the Ministry of Higher Education. The VC used the occasion to encourage the management of JIMIT and promised them the full support of UBa along the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education. Prof Akenji also upheld the huge appetite of the management of JIMIT for excellence and challenged them to strive for more.

According to the MoU, UBa would serve as a mentoring academic authority of JIMIT and would supervise the institution’s academic programmes and other related activities. Both JIMIT and UBa would henceforth be organizing joint programmes including seminars, research, scientific forums, workshops and many others. Moreover, examinations and defense sessions at JIMIT would henceforth be supervised by UBa.

However, the biggest fallout of the MoU would be the award of JIMIT’s end of course degrees and certificates by UBa. In essence, UBa would henceforth be issuing certificates and diplomas for graduating students of JIMIT University Institute.

The MoU also received the administrative and academic approval of Cameroon’s Minister of Higher Education and Grand Chancellor of Academic Orders, Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo on August 26, 2019. While endorsing the document, Professor Fame Ndongo encouraged the young and dynamic entrepreneurial and academic team behind JIMIT and promised them better days ahead.

Prior to the signing ceremony, a team of supervisors from UBa visited JIMIT University Institute Yaoundé on June 22, 2018 and were satisfied with the quality of Teachers, the casting of students and the ever growing infrastructure of the institute. The UBa inspection team was also pleased with the management style and team faithfully embedded in the vision of its founder, Mme Mary Jose Nabola. With this new MoU, the future can only be better for JIMIT and especially its ever growing dynamic student population.

The University of Bamenda (UBa)

The second of two Anglosaxon universities in Cameroon, was created in 2011 and prides itself as the baby public university. However, UBa has grown to be one of the leading public entrepreneurial universities in Cameroon downloaded from its motto: Probity, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship.

With its six Faculties and five schools, UBa stands as one of the centres of diversity and professionalism in Cameroon. By signing the MoU, UBa is putting at the disposal of JIMIT its rich armada of experience and professionalism.