Student life

Student -Administration

The administration of JIMIT operates a very friendly policy and is always at the service of students, parents, members of the public and the government of Cameroon. With limited bureaucracy, students’ affairs are treated with immediate effect.

JIMIT operates a flexible school timetable of morning and evening sessions and students can chose either of them depending on their levels and specialties.


Most students of the school live in the Ngoa Ekelle student residential area which is owned by the various landlords and landladies. They operate an affordable pricing system mostly ranging from between 10,000FCFA to 35,000FCFA (20USD – 70USD) monthly for a single room. Rents in Yaoundé are paid yearly and in most cases with an additional two months at the beginning of the contract which serves as caution fee.

Dressing code

JIMIT operates a dressing code which ensures that every Monday students of the medical specialties appear in their medical attires while those of maritime fields appear in their white marine uniforms. Students of the other fields of studies would appear in black official suit. On Friday students appear in their official JIMIT T-shirts.

For practical, all students involved must appear in their different practical outfits.

Apart from this JIMIT also promotes descent dressing on campus for both staff and students.

Extra-curricular activities and field work

During their stay at JIMIT students of all the specialties go for professional internships in either a public or private establishment. JIMIT shall assist the students in this domain.

Other activities including field work and excursions are also organized. Specifically, students of Transport and Logistics shall undertake a maritime and swimming outreach programme. Each student would need a lifejacket. Contact school for details.

Other activities

In the course of every academic year, JIMIT also organizes other activities to the benefit of the school and its students including convocation (graduation), matriculation, conferences, visits and many others. Beginning academic year 2019/2020, JIMIT shall also be represented at the All University Games of Cameroon.